Kupendwa …. To Be Loved

Amy Kids and me 090_5414833405973172468_oMy heart is full to overflowing. We said goodby to our Kupendwa family Monday morning. It has been such a privilege and a blessing to have Amy Washington, her children Patrick and Safina, and her sister Deanna visit in our home over the weekend.

They were still sleeping yesterday morning when I slipped out to my quiet time spot on the porch. The tears came as I thanked God for the two little ones from Uganda, Africa … sleeping soundly upstairs in our home. I thanked God for Amy. Patrick and Safina are just two of many children who probably would not have survived had Amy not been obedient to God’s call.

The Swahili word, Kupendwa, means “to be loved”. Amy couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name for her ministry in Uganda. She gave an update last night at our church and I was just overcome. God’s passion for His people emanated from Amy as she spoke. I am thankful for her obedience to His call. I am blessed to know her.

It is our great privilege to help support this awesome ministry, both personally and through Susan’s Kids. Please take a moment to visit Amy’s website. You will surely be blessed … and just perhaps God may stir your heart to be a part of the great work He is doing through Amy and Kupendwa.

Debbie Roberson


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