He Works in Spite of Us . . . Looking Back at 2015

I have not made even one post to this News Site since last year this time. I have no excuse other than - “the busyness of life”.   My prayers for Susan’s Kids have not been as fervent as they used to be either.  I have no excuse – other than the “busyness of life”.  As I write these words, I realize that the “busyness of life”  is not an excuse at all. I apologize.   I pray that I will do a better job in 2016 of keeping you informed.

We met recently to discuss 2015 and to plan for 2016.  After our meeting, I realized that it didn’t matter to God whether I had updated the website or not.  This ministry is His and He will take care of it.  Donations have continued to come in all year.  Faithful partners … giving consistently month after month … enabled us to continue to send support to three amazing Holy Spirit ordained ministries to children.  We are so happy to be able to increase our monthly support to them  -  as well as to begin sending monthly support  to an additional ministry in 2016.

I asked Marvin Gurganus — the Founder of Susan’s Kids — to give me a quote for the 2015 Year End Letter to our Donors.  He began with -

 As I look back at the results of 2015, it is very clear that God has a plan and He makes it happen in His timing. He makes things happen not because of us,  but sometimes in spite of us.

No, we really didn’t do much to promote Susan’s Kids  in 2015.  I didn’t even have the energy to update the website.  That didn’t seem to matter.  God continued to touch the hearts of His people.  They continued to give.  For that we are so thankful.  God’s blessings to each of you in 2016.

Susan’s Kids – 2015 Update

In 2015 God blessed us to be able to send monthly financial support to three wonderful ministries to children.   Because of your generosity in giving, we will be increasing our monthly support to each of them in 2016.  They have sent messages of thanks to each of you.  Please continue to pray for them!

Kupendwa Ministries – Uganda, Africa        www.Kupendwa.org 

On behalf of myself as well as the hundreds of mothers, babies, and families touched by God’s work through Kupendwa, I want to express my deepest gratitude for the generous monthly donation that you give. Your monthly support has been crucial in allowing our ministry programs to continue growing and thriving for the Kingdom! I sincerely want to thank you for allowing Him to use you to impact lives and souls for eternity! You are more of a blessing than I could ever describe in words.

Sincerely ~

Amy Washington ~ Executive Director of Kupendwa Ministries


A Gift from the Children of Kupendwa

A Gift from the Children of Kupendwa

Agape Royal Ministries – India          www.agaperoyalministries.org

New Year Greetings from Agape Royal Ministries!  Susan’s Kids has been supporting our childcare efforts for several years now. There are 14 homes where we have about 300 kids in care. Many of them were from Hindu backgrounds and the Lord miraculously saved them while they were in our care. Susan’s Kids is investing in young lives for eternity. What a glory!  We appreciate you for your decision to increase support to Agape Royal Ministries. In addition, the Lord helped us establish a Bible College and 400 churches. Praise the Lord!  We are not doing this ministry alone, we are doing it with you and we are partners. What a blessing! We will keep praying for you, your families and your efforts. God bless!

~ Abraham Thomas


Children of Agape Royal Ministries

Children of Agape Royal Ministries

Diamond Willow Ministries – Ft. Thompson, South Dakota          www.d-w-m.org

How do I begin to say thanks?  The words feel as if they will never express the fullness of the gratitude in my heart.  Because of Brothers and Sisters in Christ like you, children are coming to know the Name of Jesus.  Children right here in America who don’t know something as simple as the Christmas story, are learning about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ through Diamond Willow Ministries.  The children are receiving meals daily at our Tokata Youth Center, as well as being fed spiritually and emotionally.  This year alone there were 14 baptisms! We are so grateful for what God is doing here. We know we cannot serve the people of the Crow Creek Reservation without you!  Your financial support through Susan’s Kids and especially your prayers, are changing lives around the world. There is freedom in Christ and we want the nations to know it!  So, although it will never sound like enough . . . thank you!  Thank you for partnering with Susan’s Kids and Diamond Willow Ministries as we continue “Serving One Another in Love.” (Galatians 5:13).

~ Annie Cooper Bishop


Annie's Heart

Annie’s Heart

Diamond Willow Girls

Diamond Willow Girls


Something New and Exciting  for 2016 – The Good Shepherd Children’s Home


We began monthly support to a fourth ministry in January, 2016!  The Good Shepherd Children’s Home is Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina’s affiliate orphanage in Xela, Guatemala.  How wonderful to have little ones in Guatemala joining the Susan’s Kids family!  To God be the Glory!


My prayer continues to be for God to lead Susan’s Kids . . .  for little hearts to come to know His heart . . . for His Kingdom to come on this earth as it is in Heaven.  Thank you all for helping us be His hands and feet.

~ Debbie Roberson – Susan’s Mom


As I look back at the results of 2015, it is very clear that God has a plan and He makes it happen in His timing. He makes things happen not because of us, but sometimes in spite of us.   He has used Susan’s Kids to reach the lost, take care of the poor, and touch many hearts along the way. He does it in a way that only He can do.  We thank God for each and every one of you.   We thank you for being a part of His plan.  It is through your prayers and financial support that all of the great things listed above were made possible. We humbly thank you for answering the call that God placed on your hearts.  We look forward to the great things He has planned for 2016.

~ Marvin Gurganus, President – Susan’s Kids


“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed.”    Proverbs 19:17




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