Amy Washington’s Visit

Amy speaking at Cedar Branch Church

Amy speaking at Cedar Branch Church


Well,  it came and went too quickly!  Amy Washington, her sweet little Amina, Amy’s Dad – John Washington, and her sister – Deanna, arrived shortly before church started Sunday night and left again Monday morning.  How thankful I am that they were willing to make the nine hour drive from Georgia to spend time with us.

Amy shared her heart and told us about Kupendwa Ministries and the work God is doing in Jinga, Uganda. She shared how God took her to Uganda … how God delivered sweet little Amina into her hands … how she now has six little ones she calls her own … how she started Kupendwa Ministries and the young women and babies that she cares for and shares Jesus with.

The story of Stella  and baby Hope captivated us all.  Stella was a young woman who thought that God hated her … a young woman sure that she had done too many bad things to be forgiven … a young woman who now knows Jesus and rejoices in the great love He has for her!   Amy’s story of the birth of Stella’s baby — who she named Hope – was an amazing example of how God still works MIRACLES today!

Amy’s little Amina is a miracle as well.  She was abandoned … left to die … malnourished and sick — but God had a plan.  He arranged for Amy to rescue Amina and she is a beautiful, healthy little four year old today!

2013 03 24 AminaIMG_1018
Thank you Amy for all you do for the Lord  …. We will be praying for you.
To read further about Amy and Kupendwa Ministries,  visit her website at




~ Debbie Roberson

One thought on “Amy Washington’s Visit

  1. <3 I couldn't believe my back went out Sunday morning when I had gotten back from the barn! I just taken something for my back and was getting ready to watch Joel Osteen and I put a few things in the dishwasher and Snap! A pinched nerve problem I have (the devil) is what it was! He knew I was looking so forward to meeting Amy and seeing everyone…….I look forward to reading about her ministry! God Bless you all….and Debbie I'll get a hug soon I hope!
    I know it was a wonderful night and a lot of tears of Joy being shed <3
    Lots of Love, Brenda

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