Amy Washington is Coming to Cedar Branch Baptist Church!

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We are super excited about Amy Washington coming to speak at Cedar Branch Baptist Church!  Amy is Executive Director of Kupendwa Ministries in Jinja, Uganda and God is doing a mighty work through her.  Please come join us at Cedar Branch on Sunday night, March 24 at 6:30 p.m.  I promise you will be blessed.

“I had been many different places and worked with many different people, but I never experienced such a deep love for a place and people before. Never had I so strongly felt God’s peace and call to leave my home and make a lifetime commitment somewhere. I had never felt so passionate about loving and helping a people before. domain whois information . The babies and children of Uganda truly stole my heart.”  ~ Amy Washington


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Check out  the link to Amy’s website where you can read all about Amy and the ministry that God has entrusted her with.  There is also  a short five minute video  that will give you a sweet glimpse into Amy’s heart . . . I hope you will stop and watch.!about/cfyq

We are delighted that four year old Amina is coming with Amy!    Amina means “Amen” in the local language, and she truly is the “Amen” of Amy’s life.  Amy currently has legal guardanship of Amina and we are trusting God for the day when Amina’s adoption is final.  In the words of Amy’s Mom, Donna Washington –

“Just the fact that this little 4-yr-old girl is alive is a miracle.  But she represents so much more! The story is long . . . and some of you know it . . .  but to us she represents redemption, reconciliation, and God’s ongoing faithfulness to His children. We give Him all the glory!


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To God be the Glory!   Hope to see you all Sunday night, March 24th!


Debbie Roberson

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