Hylien Makes Learning Fun!

I get so excited when Wim and Hylien post pictures of the children! It blesses me so much to see the joy on their little faces. Hylien is an EXCELLENT teacher and I thank God for her.  She is able to love each and every child individually in the most perfect way because she sees each and every child through the eyes of Jesus.  Because of her great love for these children,God blessed her  with wisdom and discernment and energy and compassion,  so that she could teach them and love them and bring laughter into their lives. God  needed a willing vessel and Hylien was obedient to His call.

Thank you Hylilen!

2013 03 11 Hylien Teaching 80283-1363028430-2


2013 03 11 Hylien and Kamahelo 80283-1363028430-4


2013 03 11 Hylien and Neo 80283-1363028430-8


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