Maleah’s Gift

Maleah's Gift

Maleah’s Gift

In my last post I mentioned speaking  at Ladies’ Night Out for an  awesome group of women from CrossPointe Fellowship in Winterville.  I met someone very special that night — a beautiful little girl named Maleah.  She was the only child there and she sat quietly with her Mom just to the right of where I was speaking.   I told Susan’s story and spoke of how God had woven people and events together as only He could do.  I told how the Susan’s Kids non-profit came to be and I showed pictures of Susan and of the children in Africa who are being fed and loved and are being taught about Jesus and His love for them.  As I spoke, I looked around the room – making eye contact with the sweet women there. Every time I glanced over towards Maleah she seemed to be so interested in what I was saying …. soaking in every word … her little face shining.  She was wearing a whimsical, colorful scarf … and she had on the cutest little glasses.  Each time I looked at her I thought to myself,  ”She is such a pretty little girl.”  In my spirit I felt the Lord saying, “Tell her.”  I’m pretty sure Jesus wanted her to know how precious she is to Him and that He wanted me to know even more importantly that her heart was beautiful as well.  Before I left that night, I told Maleah how pretty I thought she was.  In fact, I think I told her twice.

I had trouble sleeping that night.  I guess I was just excited, still filled to overflowing from praising  God for all He has done and all He is doing through Susan’s Kids.  Since I wasn’t sleepy at all,  I got up about 3 a.m. and checked my facebook messages.  I was super-blessed by this one from Maleah’s Mom.  I don’t think she will mind me sharing some of her words.

Just wanted to share a little of what your story did for my daughter tonight!  She was the one there tonight with the colorful scarf!!  We give our kids allowances each month as long as they do their required chores/jobs.  They have three jars – one for spending, one for giving, and one for saving.  Maleah had money still in her spending jar,  so a few weeks ago I asked her what she was planning on buying with it. She said she didn’t know what she needed to do with it,  but didn’t feel that she really needed to spend it on anything but didn’t know why.  Well tonight on the way home she said, “Mom I know what God wants me to do with the money in my spending jar.  He wants me to give it to help those kids.”

I was moved to tears.  Maleah could have spent that money on herself, but God was showing her a better way.  She wasn’t doing it to draw attention to herself.  She was doing it because she has Jesus in her heart and so she loves the way He does.  She was doing it to help the children she had seen in my pictures.   She was doing it because she sees through His eyes.

I think it’s easier sometimes for children to see through His eyes - to love the way that He loves.   Oh, that we all could see what Maleah is able to see.   To God be the Glory!

But, Jesus called the children to Him and said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.    Luke 18:16










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  1. What an awesome story. Maleah is my niece and she is beautiful inside and out. Thanks for sharing your story and giving her an opportunity to give to others!!!!

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