Amy Washington – Kupendwa Ministries – Uganda, Africa

When I stop and think about it …. I am in awe of what God has done.   He first  led us to help the precious children of South Africa and Lesotho by arranging for us to send help to the ministry of Wim and Hylien van Rensburg.  In 2011, He led us to help Abraham Thomas’s ministry to children in India.  Last year, He blessed us to be able to partner also with Amy Washington and her ministry in Uganda!   As I write these words, I tremble … knowing that none of it could have happened without God’s hand of blessing.

It was the summer of 2010 when I first met Amy Washington and I know that our meeting was by God’s design.  This beautiful young woman from Watkinsville, Georgia was overflowing with love for Jesus and I knew when I met her that she would go on to do great and mighty things for His Kingdom.

As I sat across the table from Amy and her Dad at dinner that summer night, I was so touched by her love for the children of Uganda.  She had been to Uganda on a mission trip and  she knew in her heart that God was calling her to go back there.  I had no doubt that she would be obedient.   After our visit, I sent a note to Amy’s Dad.   I don’t think he would mind if I shared a part of what I wrote with you.

“We were so blessed by our time with you and Amy.  Your daughter is so special  . . . Jesus just shines through her . . . and I know you are so proud of her.   She reminds me a bit of our Susan . . .  Susan was 23 when she went to Heaven and Amy looks to be about that age . . . same dancing dark eyes . . . same passion . . . same bright spirit . . . same love for children . . . . same love for Jesus . . . Susan even wore her hair in a French braid sometimes . . . and she was tall and beautiful like Amy . . . When I gave Amy  a hug after dinner I didn’t want to let go.   Please know that we will be praying for her as she goes back to Uganda to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Amy was obedient to God and returned to Uganda.  We are proud to be able to partner with her and we praise God for the work He is doing through Kupendwa Ministries.

I know you will be blessed when you watch this re-cap of what God did through Amy’s ministry in 2012.  We praise His Holy Name!    …….    Debbie Roberson

Can You See the Joy?


Beautiful Nthabeleng

Nthabeleng was about two years old when we visited Leratong Village in 2009.  She was so cute and smart — one of the many children I would have loved to bring home with me.    She is growing into an even more beautiful and gifted little girl.  Do you see the absolute joy and happiness on her sweet face?  I’m pretty sure her new doll is part of the reason for that radiant smile!

The dolls were made by a wonderful group of ladies from First Baptist Church in Scotland Neck, North Carolina.  We thank God for making sure the dolls arrived safely in Africa.

We join with these precious little ones in thanking the ladies from First Baptist Scotland Neck!  God used you to deliver His very special gifts!  Joy!  Joy!  Joy!




“Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. “   James 1:17


Debbie Roberson

Reflecting on 2012

We prayed for Missionaries Wim and Hylien van Rensburg as we read about and saw TV footage of the riots in South Africa. We prayed for them as they took on the operation of a Guest House in town (something like a Bed and Breakfast here) in order to help meet their own personal financial needs. We prayed for Hylien as she completed a degree in Early Childhood Education – while at the same time caring for her own family, working at the Guest House, and helping Wim with the ministry. We prayed for them when a storm water pipe was blocked behind their house, causing water to run through their yard and wash away their garden and erode the soil around the foundation of their house. We prayed for them as they struggled every day with just “the way things work” in Africa – where they are charged criminally high prices by storeowners (just because they can) — and where the culture is such that everything moves slowly and progress literally stops during times of drought each year. We are continuing to pray for unspoken needs that are critical to Wim’s ministry. We trust that God will provide.

Wim and Hylien van Rensburg

In spite of all these obstacles, approximately 300 children in six villages were provided with two nutritious meals each day and three building projects were completed! The teachers in each of the villages were also provided with Christian teaching material. Leratong Village is in Qwa Qwa, South Africa and the other five villages are in the neighboring country of Lesotho. We thank God for the work He is doing in the villages of Leratong, Matlakeng, Mashidi, KotsongKoaneng, Utloanang, and Futong.

Leratong – We had been praying for a long time for God to send someone to assist Wim in running the operation in Leratong Village. God answered our prayers and sent Pastor Sam and his wife! They now live on site and oversee the operations of the Care Center. Sam is also the Pastor of the Faith Hill Church congregation that gathers together in Leratong each Sunday morning. Miriam continues (with Hylien’s direction) to do an amazing job with the 20-30 little ones who come to the Day Care every week.


Miriam and Pastor Sam with the Children

Matlakeng – A second “house” was completed at the Day Care in Matlakeng. Pastor John (Wim’s right hand man in Lesotho) lives in one room of the house. A second room is dedicated to the one and two year olds who come to the Day Care, so that they will not disrupt the teaching of the older children. The Matlakeng Day Care serves 50-60 children and 10 more little ones will be coming this year.

The Children of Matlakeng Village

Mashidi – The sandstone building in Mashidi was completed in 2012, but it’s already too small to house the 40-50 children who are showing up each day! A project for this year will be to expand this building. We thank God for sending a wonderful teacher to Mashidi who has a great love for children and for the Lord.

Mashidi Kids with their Teacher

KotsongKoaneng – The Day Care in KotsonKoaneng was also recently completed! Kid sized tables and chairs and a stove for the kitchen are in place and being put to use. 50-60 children attend this Day Care.

Some of the kids who attend Kotsongkoaneng Day Care

Utloanang – Wim continues to wait for the Village Chief to give the go-ahead to start a new building. For now, we thank God that we can give the children two meals each day. There are 70-80 children in Utloanang who are currently crammed like sardines into a tiny little building. Why hasn’t the Chief given permission yet to start construction on a new building? This is life in Africa … sometimes the way things work over there make no sense to us. Please pray for the Chief to give permission for us to bless the children there with a new building.

Precious Children Crammed so Tight

Futong – This is the most remote of the villages. Sadly, these children had no building – but gathered outside each day. Wim is renting a small building for them to use for now, while the villagers collect the stone for their new Day Care. Futong has about 30-40 Day Care children.

Jesus loves this little one



We thank God that we could also start partnering with Amy Washington’s ministry in 2012.  Amy is a beautiful young woman from Georgia, who now lives and works for the Lord in Jinja, Uganda. We will be telling you more in the coming weeks about Amy and her ministry to children and young monthers.  In her words, “Our ministry began with the belief that the lives of these mothers and unborn babies are precious in the eyes of Jesus and that He truly longs to see them given an opportunity to live and thrive for Him. Therefore, if these mothers and babies are precious and valued to Him, they are precious and valued to us.” We are proud to join with Amy in her work in Uganda.




We also continued to send monthly assistance to Abraham Thomas’s ministry in India where over 300 children are being cared for.   So thankful to God for allowing us to be a part of what He is doing in India.


We humbly thank God for each of you. God has used you and your generosity to carry out His work through Susan’s Kids. We ask for your continued prayers and financial support in 2013. As you can see, there is still much to do. We can’t do it without your help. We thank God for the lives that have been changed. We stand amazed at what He has done. We give Him all the Glory!

Marvin & Kim Gurganus

Debbie & Bruce Roberson