Two Women – A Partnership of Love

Hylien and Susan

I always look forward to new pictures from Africa.  Wim posted new ones today from the daycare in Leratong.  This one brought tears to my eyes.  Wim’s beautiful wife (and my dear friend), Hylien van Rensburg, stands at the chalkboard writing today’s lesson – “God Made Me Special” –  and just above the chalkboard hangs a picture of our Susan.  God instilled a great  love for children in both of these beautiful women.  I wish they could have met each other.  I know they would have been great friends.  One day they will have great conversations in Heaven.

Susan was working on a degree in Child Development and Family Relations and looked forward to working with “at risk” children after college.   She never got to do that while she was here on earth,  but I like to think that God is allowing her to be a part of the great work that Hylien is doing with the kids in Leratong Village.

Along with the multitude of other things that she does every day, Hylien is also taking online classes in Early Childhood Education. She is excited about the new skills that she will use as she works with the children that she loves so much.

 ”I am thankful for the opportunity I had this year to study Child Development and how to assist children with barriers to learning.  I will definitely be adding a lot of new learning products and will use different strategies to support these children. I will be concentrating on the different stages of their development and assist each of their special needs.  We will assist with training in the village so that parents will be given support to influence and teach their children in a positive way.”    – Hylien van Rensburg

What a precious seed of love Hylien planted in the hearts of the children today  — “God Made Me Special”.

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”  Psalm 139:14

Please take a minute and check out these precious little faces!  How special they are … how special indeed!

Debbie Roberson – Susan’s Mom