New Day Care Building in Kotsongkoaneng Village

I wanted to take time today to give you  some happy news from the village of   Kotsongkoaneng in Lesotho, Africa.   For those of you who don’t remember, the children in Kotsongkoaneng have been meeting in this mud hut with a thatched roof — and the roof had a huge hole in it.

Kotsongkoaneng Mud Hut

Wim van Rensburg was burdened by God to provide a better building for the kids in this village.  We are so happy to announce that the new Day Care building is finally finished!  Praise the Lord!  The roof went on in late June.  Wim has already ordered  twenty kid sized tables and 40 little chairs.  We pray that they will be delivered late this month.   Can you imagine the joy in Kotsongkoaneng Village when this new Day Care building opens for the children in August??  We praise the Lord for what He has done!  We are so very thankful for those of you who have been obedient to Him and provided financial support to Susan’s Kids!  To God be the Glory!

New DayCare Building in Kotsongkoaneng Village