Scarves for Susan’s Kids

Ladies, don’t you just love these scarves?







They were hand made by my sister-in-law, Jamie.  Jamie and my brother Edwin live in Hampton, Virginia.   Jamie wanted to do something to “give back” to the Lord and He laid on her heart to make these sweet scarves to sell as a fundraiser for Susan’s Kids. Jamie is selling the scarves for $20 each — a great buy considering the fact that each one is hand-made with love.

There are thirteen different yarn colors that you can choose from.  My scarf color is “Faded Jeans” and Lauren is wearing “Collegiate”.  Check out the link below and make sure to scroll down a bit to see all the color choices.  Jamie will need to know the name of the yarn color you want.

If you are interested in ordering a scarf (or scarves), you can contact Jamie directly by calling 757-848-6989.  If she doesn’t answer, make sure to leave your phone number and she will call you back.  You’ll need to allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery – depending on the volume of orders that she receives.  Checks will need to be made payable to Jamie A. Lilley — but money will not be collected until your scarf is completed.

For you local folks in the Jamesville area, you can always contact me and I’ll be glad to get your order to Jamie.

Thanks in advance for your support!



“C” is for “Cat”

This week the kids at DayCare in Leratong Village have been learning  about the letter “C”.

Hylien knows how to make learning fun.  The kids will always remember that the letter “C” is for “Cat”!  Check out these precious little South African cats . . .

But sometimes all this learning can make a body tired . . .

 . . . nothing like a little “cat nap” to  give an energy boost for the group picture.  You’ve just gotta love these “happy cats”.

To God be the Glory!



Working Together for the Lord

Wim and Hylien van Rensburg

As most of you already know, the Susan’s Kids ministry provides financial and prayer support for Changing Tomorrow Children’s Foundation -   operated by Wim (pronounced Vim) and Hylien van Rensburg.   Hylien is camera shy so we don’t often get a picture with her in it.  They just celebrated their wedding anniversary last week and Hylien actually consented to having her picture taken.   I hope she won’t mind me sharing this great picture on our blog.

Wim and Hylien  love the Lord and they are being obedient to His call to minister to the children of Leratong Village in Qwa Qwa, South Africa  – as well as to many other children in crisis in the neighboring country of Lesotho.  They face obstacles on every turn.  The devil tries his best to throw up physicial roadblocks to discourage them as they try to do the work which God has called them to do.   Keep their faces in your mind and heart.  Please pray for them daily.