Kupendwa …. To Be Loved

Amy Kids and me 090_5414833405973172468_oMy heart is full to overflowing. We said goodby to our Kupendwa family Monday morning. It has been such a privilege and a blessing to have Amy Washington, her children Patrick and Safina, and her sister Deanna visit in our home over the weekend.

They were still sleeping yesterday morning when I slipped out to my quiet time spot on the porch. The tears came as I thanked God for the two little ones from Uganda, Africa … sleeping soundly upstairs in our home. I thanked God for Amy. Patrick and Safina are just two of many children who probably would not have survived had Amy not been obedient to God’s call.

The Swahili word, Kupendwa, means “to be loved”. Amy couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name for her ministry in Uganda. She gave an update last night at our church and I was just overcome. God’s passion for His people emanated from Amy as she spoke. I am thankful for her obedience to His call. I am blessed to know her.

It is our great privilege to help support this awesome ministry, both personally and through Susan’s Kids. Please take a moment to visit Amy’s website. You will surely be blessed … and just perhaps God may stir your heart to be a part of the great work He is doing through Amy and Kupendwa.

Debbie Roberson


Amy Washington’s Visit

Amy speaking at Cedar Branch Church

Amy speaking at Cedar Branch Church


Well,  it came and went too quickly!  Amy Washington, her sweet little Amina, Amy’s Dad – John Washington, and her sister – Deanna, arrived shortly before church started Sunday night and left again Monday morning.  How thankful I am that they were willing to make the nine hour drive from Georgia to spend time with us.

Amy shared her heart and told us about Kupendwa Ministries and the work God is doing in Jinga, Uganda. She shared how God took her to Uganda … how God delivered sweet little Amina into her hands … how she now has six little ones she calls her own … how she started Kupendwa Ministries and the young women and babies that she cares for and shares Jesus with.

The story of Stella  and baby Hope captivated us all.  Stella was a young woman who thought that God hated her … a young woman sure that she had done too many bad things to be forgiven … a young woman who now knows Jesus and rejoices in the great love He has for her!   Amy’s story of the birth of Stella’s baby — who she named Hope – was an amazing example of how God still works MIRACLES today!

Amy’s little Amina is a miracle as well.  She was abandoned … left to die … malnourished and sick — but God had a plan.  He arranged for Amy to rescue Amina and she is a beautiful, healthy little four year old today!

2013 03 24 AminaIMG_1018
Thank you Amy for all you do for the Lord  …. We will be praying for you.
To read further about Amy and Kupendwa Ministries,  visit her website at http://www.kupendwaministries.org/#




~ Debbie Roberson

Amy Washington is Coming to Cedar Branch Baptist Church!

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We are super excited about Amy Washington coming to speak at Cedar Branch Baptist Church!  Amy is Executive Director of Kupendwa Ministries in Jinja, Uganda and God is doing a mighty work through her.  Please come join us at Cedar Branch on Sunday night, March 24 at 6:30 p.m.  I promise you will be blessed.

“I had been many different places and worked with many different people, but I never experienced such a deep love for a place and people before. Never had I so strongly felt God’s peace and call to leave my home and make a lifetime commitment somewhere. I had never felt so passionate about loving and helping a people before. domain whois information . The babies and children of Uganda truly stole my heart.”  ~ Amy Washington


2013 amy and teenage mothers kupendwa


Check out  the link to Amy’s website where you can read all about Amy and the ministry that God has entrusted her with.  There is also  a short five minute video  that will give you a sweet glimpse into Amy’s heart . . . I hope you will stop and watch.


We are delighted that four year old Amina is coming with Amy!    Amina means “Amen” in the local language, and she truly is the “Amen” of Amy’s life.  Amy currently has legal guardanship of Amina and we are trusting God for the day when Amina’s adoption is final.  In the words of Amy’s Mom, Donna Washington –

“Just the fact that this little 4-yr-old girl is alive is a miracle.  But she represents so much more! The story is long . . . and some of you know it . . .  but to us she represents redemption, reconciliation, and God’s ongoing faithfulness to His children. We give Him all the glory!


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To God be the Glory!   Hope to see you all Sunday night, March 24th!


Debbie Roberson

Amy Washington – Kupendwa Ministries – Uganda, Africa

When I stop and think about it …. I am in awe of what God has done.   He first  led us to help the precious children of South Africa and Lesotho by arranging for us to send help to the ministry of Wim and Hylien van Rensburg.  In 2011, He led us to help Abraham Thomas’s ministry to children in India.  Last year, He blessed us to be able to partner also with Amy Washington and her ministry in Uganda!   As I write these words, I tremble … knowing that none of it could have happened without God’s hand of blessing.

It was the summer of 2010 when I first met Amy Washington and I know that our meeting was by God’s design.  This beautiful young woman from Watkinsville, Georgia was overflowing with love for Jesus and I knew when I met her that she would go on to do great and mighty things for His Kingdom.

As I sat across the table from Amy and her Dad at dinner that summer night, I was so touched by her love for the children of Uganda.  She had been to Uganda on a mission trip and  she knew in her heart that God was calling her to go back there.  I had no doubt that she would be obedient.   After our visit, I sent a note to Amy’s Dad.   I don’t think he would mind if I shared a part of what I wrote with you.

“We were so blessed by our time with you and Amy.  Your daughter is so special  . . . Jesus just shines through her . . . and I know you are so proud of her.   She reminds me a bit of our Susan . . .  Susan was 23 when she went to Heaven and Amy looks to be about that age . . . same dancing dark eyes . . . same passion . . . same bright spirit . . . same love for children . . . . same love for Jesus . . . Susan even wore her hair in a French braid sometimes . . . and she was tall and beautiful like Amy . . . When I gave Amy  a hug after dinner I didn’t want to let go.   Please know that we will be praying for her as she goes back to Uganda to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Amy was obedient to God and returned to Uganda.  We are proud to be able to partner with her and we praise God for the work He is doing through Kupendwa Ministries.

I know you will be blessed when you watch this re-cap of what God did through Amy’s ministry in 2012.  We praise His Holy Name!    …….    Debbie Roberson