2013 03 13 water in matlakeng 80283-1363191115-5Having easy access to clean water is taken for granted every day here in America.

Water is definitely not taken for granted in Matlakeng Village – Lesotho, Africa.  The  “community” pump has been broken for a good while and the people were having to cart water daily up the mountain to their homes.  I was excited to hear today that the pump has been fixed and good clean water is running freely again!

Wim van Rensburg and the people of Matlakeng Village send out a a big “Thank You” to those who helped restore water to the village.

I thank you also.  Your contributions to Susan’s Kids enable us to send help where it is needed.  Before you go to bed tonight, thank God for being able to turn on the faucet and have good clean water whenever you want.


Debbie Roberson

Africa Sky in Leratong and a Roof in Matlakeng

The sky in Africa seemed to me to be ”bluer” than the sky here at home.  Whenever we have a really beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies, I immediately think of my trip to Africa.  I’ve even come to describe that kind of sky as ”Africa Sky”.   Wim posted some really cute pictures this week of the kids in Leratong Village.  The pictures are not enhanced.  The sky is really that blue and it is a perfectly beautiful frame for their sweet little faces.

Not that long ago they didn't have balls to play with . . .

Don't you know that Jesus loves seeing her smile!









Great news from Matlakeng Village!   Sixty children attend the daycare facility in Matlakeng and more room was needed – especially for the toddler age children.  God prompted people like you to give to Susan’s Kids and we were able to assist Wim in building a second house beside the daycare.  It has taken a while,  but the roof is finally completed!  Pastor John will live in the house and there will also be a room specifically for the toddlers.  Pastor John is Wim’s right hand man in Lesotho and he supervises the activites of the daycare there.

. . . and the roof is on!

To God be the Glory — great things He has done!

Debbie Roberson